Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course


Jasper Park Lodge is really beautiful.  It is a little more secluded and less commercial than Banff and the course really works well into the land.

There are a good mix of really straight forward holes and difficult challenges where course knowledge really helps. But then again, even if you get distracted by your surroundings and miss a shot, the golf is still great, and the view is phenomenal so your golf attitude factor #GAF for JPL would be crazy high as one of my favourite golf blogger friend The Grateful Golfer would say.

Here are some shots from the weekend…


The par 5 10th

The typical tee box view

Hole#14 One of the toughest but more stunning holes


Beautiful but tough par 3 #9.


After a pretty tough first round, I learned a few things for the second… I better jot down these notes as a reminder for possible future rounds.

  • Hole #3 is a blind tee shot so it was hit and hope the first round.  The way to go is to hit a straight drive over the first tree on the right corner, it’ll fly onto the dogleg right fairway and leave a short iron in for the approach.
  • Hole #8 is a tough one- a straight drive through a tight landing area leaves me with a long iron into the green.  It might make sense to just take an iron of the tee to make sure the ball is in play.
  • Hole #9 is a long downhill par 3, guarded by front bunkers.  It’s an illusion from the tee box that the bunkers are right on the front lip of the green- it’s actually quite a far ways off.  If you just fly over the right bunker, there’s actually a funnel of a fairway that should drain the ball down towards the green.  I found out by accident when I faded a 5 iron of the right hand side and found myself in okay position with a downhill chip.
  • Hole #12 par 3 is a huge green.  Don’t over shoot it, there’s a deep bunker behind.
  • Hole #13 has a blind approach to the green.  It’s probably further right than you think.
  • Hole #14 is the beautiful tee box over the lake onto the fairway.  I long straight drive will actually get you into the forest through the fairway so maybe a 3w or hybrid is smarter.
  • Hole #15 is the deceptively “easy” par 3 where you must hit the green.  Short and it funnels 15 yards back down the hill.  Left and it’s hazards.  Right and it’s deep bunkers.  It’s better to be longer and deeper in the green and be putting than too short.  The green widens up when deeper as well.
  • Hole #16- against my own actions, probably shouldn’t take driver and just land in the fat part of the fairway.  Must stay right on the approach because the lake cuts deep, protecting the front of the green.
  • Hole #18- No need to draw this, just hit the driver straight and the slope of the hill will bring everything back left.

Silvertip, Canmore

Day 2 of our trip had us golfing the beautiful Silvertip golf resort.

One thing I’ll never get used to is the thin mountain air.  I didn’t grab the right club out of the cart on hole #10 greenside.  I thought I was 30 yards short of the green, but the ball was actually another 60 yards further back.  So that meant a hike back up the mountain (across the fairway) to the cart, then back down to 90yards out, then back up 90 yards to the green, chip on, putt out, then hike back up the mountain slope to the cart.  Wow, I was still trying to catch my breath for the next 2 holes afterwards from all that hiking!

Welcome to Silvertip!

A real pretty par 5. It doglegs right and then straight UPHILL to the pin

A fun par 4. I pulled my drive left of the tall single pine, hit the forest, bounced out and had 200y uphill left to the pin on the right! Hybrid to greenside in between the bunkers (phew), chipped on and putted out.

Looking back on to the tee box on the same par 4 hole

2nd shot on hole #18. We both landed on the right fringe from this area. Hard not to get distracted with the view instead!

Radium Resort – The Springs and The Resort

Alas, all good things must come to an end and we played the two very different Radium Resort courses on Day 5 and Day 6 to wrap up our vacation.

The Springs Course

This is definitely the more scenic of the two courses, set cliffside along the valley.  It has a great practice facility, grass stalls, a fairway bunker, a huge greenside bunker, and multiple chipping/putting surface.  We spent our first night in town buried deep in the practice bunkers and it helped with the sandshot confidence for the rest of the week.

There were some challenging doglegs, the usual elevation changes and at least for me on that day, excellent putting greens.

Barely got over the right side bunkers on this one

Ride along the Columbia Valley

Tough par 3 on 17


The Resort Course

Our last round in the valley was at the Resort Course.  This is a much more mature course with recent renovations for 3 new holes.  I can verify this because my GPS app went crazy on me for a long stretch on the front 9.  They must’ve been spraying chemicals heavily on the day because I was having it caught up in my sinuses and my throat (smells alot like Killex).  This course was alot tighter with lots of holes shaped around the natural terrain and contours of the mountains.  This made for some great frustrating holes where the fairways will not hold any drives, where a nice drive might send your ball rolling off the low side of the fairway into the rough or rocks+trees if you’re not lucky.  Regardless, there were some great holes that makes up for it in the end to make it worthwhile to play.

Very tight hole #10. Somewhere between this practice swing and my actual shot, I got smarter and decided to use a 3W instead.  Still, I proceeded to hook it DEEP in the the left forest. Luckily, the steep mountains somehow rolled my ball back to the middle of the fairway!

Tricky club selection on a fun mountainside par 3.  

Elevated par 4 is just as fun.  The ball stays in the air for an extra long beat!


Finally, a couple pics of our drive through the mountains on our way back home.

We were behind this truck for awhile……

Just outside of Radium


Greywolf Golf Course, Panorama, BC

Of all the beautiful, gorgeous-scenery-distracting-my-game golf courses in the Columbia Valley, the most spectacular place has got to be Greywolf Golf Course.  There’s not too much that I can say or describe that isn’t better explained by these pictures below.

The Cliffhanger. That is all.

Opening Shot

Second Hole

It’s all downhill!

Quaint little par 3 on the back nine

“Hi!” from the CrunchyGolfer mascot on the finishing hole.


The Point at Copper Point

Day 3, we played the other Copper Point course simply named The Point.  The experience is consistent as yesterday- again the course is in great shape with fast rolling greens.  I particularly liked how the fairways are mowed- dark on the left side and light on the right.  We had no problems with eye-balling where to land our tee ball should go when the middle of the fairway is lined up all the way from tee to green.  We were paired with some locals who were big hitters and I’m just blown away by the zip and compression of their shots off the club face.  Oh, stay away from the heavily sloped practice green near the first tee box.  The tilt you see in the picture below is real- balls dropped from the left will eventually roll off the green all the way on the right.  Thankfully, the course is more forgiving and there weren’t any greens to that extreme.  Overall, it was another successful and enjoyable round at Copper Point.

Okay, the slope is a little bit much on this mountain side practice green.

Excellent par 4 to kick things off

Great looking hole

Oh, and some wildlife chillin’ relaxin’ outside our aptly named “Bighorn Meadows Resort”


The Ridge at Copper Point

Day 2 of the trip, we played a shorter par 62 course directly off of highway 93 – The Ridge at Copper Point.  You should follow road signs into the side road off of the highway.  Google Maps took us to someone’s backyard on the north side of the highway but the clubhouse is actually on the south side of the highway.  Look for the Copper Point Golf sign that points at the Columbia Chamber of Commence.

Checking the scorecard, I told my wife that this would be an easy short course (yes, famous last words) but it was very well designed and did not feel “short” at all.  We were playing full sized par 4s (8 holes) and (sometimes difficult) par 3s (10 holes).

As you can see, we were threatened by thunderstorm clouds all day but it blew by just south of us and we were able to enjoy another nice day of golf.

Opening Hole at The Ridge

Straightforward par 3

Finishing hole. Um, I don’t see any balls on the green yet…





Eagle Ranch Resort

Every spring, Mrs. Crunchy and I take a week long roadtrip to the Rocky Mountains to recharge and to golf.  It is absolutely one of my favourite week of the year and you’ll see why from the pictures to come.

Despite my previous post, we had a great week!  Enjoyed the clean mountain air; played some great golf courses;  paired up with good people and helpful members; and played some respectable golf!

Our first course is Eagle Ranch Resort in Invermere.  Score Golf ranked it #77 in Canada- I’d say next to Greywolf, it is one of the most spectacular courses we’ve played in BC and Alberta so far.  It almost unfairly ramped up our standards for the week to come.

Here are some select photos from our day.

Somewhere on the back nine. It is easy to get distracted away from the task at hand sometimes!

My wife facing an uphill approach shot.  (Great pacing for the day)


Teeing off on the par 3 #2.


Split fairway on par 4 no. 10. The green is tucked away behind the right batch of trees (greenside bunker is just right of center).