Spikeless Golf Shoes

For a smaller guy, I’m quite heavy footed and you can definitely hear me coming from a little way away.  (Subtle and silent isn’t part of my repertoire).  Not surprisingly, I go through shoes very quickly and golf shoes are no exception.

Last year, I bought a pair of Adidas golf Adicross spikeless and just loved them.  In fact, I don’t think I’ll go back spiked shoes again.

1. Traction and Performance

Instead of traditional soft spikes, the sole is just a bunch of (non-replace-able) nubs designed to clear debris and provide traction.  At first, I was quite concerned about morning dew and playing in wet conditions but they’ve actually held out better than I expected.  After playing 30+ rounds last season, I’ll say they held up really well.

In dry weather, you won’t even notice.  It does its job and quietly stays out of the way.

In wet weather, admittedly, they are not as stable as traditional shoes, but I’ve never really slipped because of bad footing.  I have slipped from overswinging but that likely would’ve occurred with spiked shoes anyway.

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Golfzon Virtual Golf Review

Virtual Golf in Winter

The weather is finally improving.  A whooping 6*C (43*F for our American neighbours) in my hometown today and we are finally able to breath some fresh air.

After lamenting our Canadian Winters in a previous Travel Post, we end up spending time at more and more indoor golf simulators that are popping up in town.  Most of us are familiar with with the AboutGolf system- it’s the one used on the Golf Channel and in the sim rooms at Golftown.  (I think they are upgrading/switching  to GC2 for some reason.) Of course, Golftown’s simulator are never consistent- I’m convinced they’re jacked up to encourage enthusiastic club sales.

Last night, we visited a newer location in town that uses the GolfZon simulator.

Golfzon Simulator

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What I Learned about Flying with Golf Clubs

The worst part of living in the great white north are the Canadian Winters.  It’s the last week of March and I still wakeup to shovelling the drive way on the way to work.  This basically means a golf vacation down south is a must for us golfers living up north.


This past January, we went to Phoenix for a week of golf and sunshine to break up the monotony and keep our spirits up.  In Phoenix, golf courses are plentiful and tee times are easy to find.

If you’re only comfortable with your gamer set of clubs and rental is out of the question, then here are some things we learned from our trip and what it’s like to be flying with our golf clubs.

1.  Knowing Your Limits

Begin by checking with your airline’s excess baggage policies. We flew WestJet and by default, allows for one checked bag of 22 Kg/50 Lbs.

 WestJet excess bag policy for sporting goods

The two golf travel bags we had were about 8 lbs each and both our regular golf club bags weighs about 30lbs each. WestJet also allows for one standard carry-on and another bag for personal items that can be brought on flight.

The “Panic-Re-Pack” at the airport!

Knowing these details can save you from a lot of pain at the airport- on our way out, we saw a husband attempting to repack 5 extra pounds of clothes from his wife’s luggage.  It was a big struggle and he’s fighting with underwear and stockings all over the airport floor.  While it’s mildly amusing for us, it was sheer panic and embarrassment for the poor man!

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