Arccos Golf Review

What is Arccos?

Think of it as Fitbit for golf.

It is fourteen sensors that you attach to the end of each of club, and in conjunction with the GPS of your iPhone, tracks every shot that you hit during a round.  This is also similar to the GameGolf product but the key difference is Arccos’ sensors will detect club impact on your behalf without requiring your explicit “tap” or trigger to let it know you’re about to take a shot.

So excited to try this out!

The Arccos system (the fourteen sensors + the iPhone app) will automatically keep track of the location and distances of every shot; provide front, middle, and back of the green distances; and automatically keep score while you play.  The promise is that it’ll do all this for you in the least disruptive way possible to your current playing routine.

Here are my early impressions after 3 rounds so far.

System Set Up

The sensors are small gumdrop shaped caps that screws into the grip end of each club.  I found that putter sensor didn’t fit too well with my Superstroke grip but it is still fully functional.  My suggestion is for you to test each sensor first in case you find a drained battery like I did and have to replace them.  The pairing process is simple- open up the app, select your clubs and press the top of each sensor for 5 seconds as the app prompts you. Continue reading


October 2014 Update

As a golfer in Canada, one of the self-imposed statutes is that we have to try to squeeze as many “last rounds” in as possible around Thanksgiving because it it will inevitably snow, and you’re going to regret watching football or hockey on the coach instead of making that one last putt/hitting that one last bomb/striping that one last iron.

This season was a bit of a struggle for me.  My short game improved and my driver fairway hits also improved but I was clueless between tee to green.  Mid-season, my concerns about lost distance was real as I was starting to go 2 clubs up from my previous season and hitting 6 irons into 145y.  Distance is one thing, but I also lost all confidence in directional control as well.  Everything was a weak push or fade to the right or massive pull hook to the left.  Late in August, I was really struggling to just break 100 and started going through a series of rounds fighting not only the lost distance, the lack of directional control, but also the dreaded hosel rocket.

This isn’t fun…,plus, this is how my wife viewed me for most of this summer… 😉

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