The wait is almost over!

Yes, it reached 15C this weekend and our trusty local Millwoods Golf course opened their driving range!  My swing is a little rusty again but I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon after being indoor all winter.

Every stall was taken and there was a pretty good queue forming too.

I guess I wasn’t the only one eager to shake off the rust and get this season rolling…


Indian Wells Golf Resort

We played 54 holes over Christmas and Boxing Day at Indian Wells and had an incredible time soaking in everything Golf at both courses.  We managed to finish the first round quickly (3’45”), enjoyed a nice lunch at the Vue restaurant, and then snagged the last time at noon on Christmas Day.  We came back the next day to spend the morning at their grass driving range, and I got a quick lesson from my buddy on sand escapes in their practice bunkers before heading out for another 18.

Indian Wells is a definite “must play” if you visit Palm Springs- it’s definitely on my list to re-visit next time we go back!

My favorite photo from our trip- No 15 at the Palyers Course. We are about 150 yards out- you can just spot the red flag right of center.

My buddy was oh-so-close to an eagle from 130 out on the same hole no. 15 hole (the next day)! It actually hit the pin on the hop and stopped right there.  #NoStressBirdie

Play through a sandstorm at the Players Course for our 2nd afternoon round.  (Keep right!  The fairway tilts towards the water!)

Short (drivable) Par 4 at the Celebrity Course

Back at Players Course the very next day! Par 5 No. 14.

Tahquitz Creek – Resort Course, Palm Springs, CA

Golfing in Palm Springs!

We had such a great trip to Phoenix last February that we decided to do another winter golf trip to some place warm again.  This time, we went with a friend to the deserts in Palm Springs to golf our hearts out.

Rusty Tin Man

A selfie after my 2 month break

It’s amazing how much the body forgets after a 2 month break.  I’ve had some elbow tendinitis (golfer’s elbow)- it’s been bothering me since late season in September and I finally took a break after my last round in mid-October.  For the first 3 rounds, I could only snap-hook my driver and couldn’t hit any irons into the air.  It was very ugly, with scores such as 100 and 104 on the first couple rounds. However, just being able to spend time with my wife and friend in warm sunny California was a treat and I eventually found a way to shoot under 90 again by the back half of the trip.

In the meantime, I’ll try to find some select photos from some of the fantastic courses we played and share them with you over the week.

Tahquitz Creek – Resort Course

Nice little municipal track- this was supposed to be an “easy” start to get us going but alas, my swing says otherwise on this day.

Par 3 No. 8

My wife in her CANADA hoodie!

Okay, this hybrid will definitely hook like my drives today…

Pitch from the ditch!

It’s a long way up from down there!

Found this on my phone from few weeks ago- my buddy skulled his shot down into the valley and hitting back up towards me (standing just off the front of the green).  By the way, The Ranch Golf and Country Club is in beautiful conditions this summer but those pin placements are punishing!