Lesson 4 – Connected Putting

This is part one of a seven part series documenting my Winter lessons as a bogey golfer trying to improve.  You can read the Intro here: Winter Lessons Series

Lesson Date: Mar 4, 2014


So far, we’ve only worked on iron strikes but one thing I mentioned early to my coach was that I needed help on my short game.  Today, we did a little diagnosis on my then terrible putting.

He had me set up and watched me hit some 10 foot putts  (which I missed fairly consistently, I might add).

The diagnosis is not good!

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Northern Bear GC 2

Teeing off on 18 at the Northern Bear Golf Club

We played 4 rounds this Victoria Day long weekend and Northern Bear was definitely the highlight.  We got paired with a nice couple who are members and lived along the 9th fairway.  Had a great time in general despite taking significant punishment from the greenside bunkers on this particular day.  We played from the White Bear and the Red Bear but there were a set of “The Golden Bear” tees as well, just much much further back (almost 7000y!)