5 Tips to get her into golf

From casual observation, I’d say maybe only 20% of the golfers we get partnered with at public courses are women.  Sure, playing with the boys can be plenty of fun but having a spouse who enjoys golf and understands your passion for the game is hard to beat.

My wife took up the game slowly.  Golf wasn’t her thing but she loves roadtrip vacations so we started taking annual trips out to a week long golf school.  It began really slowly.  One summer, it was a 7 iron for the whole course.  The next, it’s a 7 wood.  Eventually, she figured out how to hit driver and developed a consistency with all her irons.  She still doesn’t practice much, but she seems to enjoy the game as much as I do when we’re out on the course and I’m grateful for it.

Teeing it up with some wildlife during one of our summer golf road trips.

Looking back, here are some tips for how to get your spouse more interested in this game… Continue reading