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Hopefully, shooting your IQ is as rare as shooting your age!

Pirates & Pulsars

April 10, 2014 is Round 1 of the premier golf competition in the world. Yes, The Masters is about to begin. In Augusta, Georgia, the world’s best at hitting and losing their balls, walking and finding their balls, then hitting their balls and losing them again, will gather. In celebration of this most un-sporty of sports, with the possible exception of curling and rhythmic gymnastics, Ye Olde Captain Crusty has scrawled a cartoon. The original was hanging in The Louvre after the artist stuck it on the Venus de Milo to cover up her bare midriff. It’s presumably been removed. Meanwhile, while well-done fakes have purportedly been showing up on the walls of truck stop restrooms all over the American Midwest along Interstate 70.


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