My Second Eagle (August 2014)

For now, I think eagles are a once/year rarity for me – I finally got my second eagle this past weekend!

This time, we were playing in my new favourite local golf course in town, The Quarry, on the difficult Granite course.

The Quarry Scorecard. Granite #7 from Deck 3.

So I’ve played this hole three times this year previously:

  1. A snowman after taking a penalty… that I’d rather not talk about.  (Didn’t realize left was dead even with water on the right).
  2. A bogey after landing the approach shot that left me 3 putting a 30 footer from the opposite side of the green
  3. A double bogey, after landing in front bunkers and taking 2 to get out and 2 putting out.

So I’m not particularly confident on the tee box knowing how difficult this hole plays for me.
On this day though, we had at least a 2 club tailwind, blowing ideally from bottom right to top left.  I hit my drive and saw it go behind a mound on the left and thought I might be in some major trouble.  In fact, we looked for the ball in the rough for a little bit at my usual 230-240 distance before my wife pointed to a ball in the left center of the fairway that’s 30 yards ahead.  Ran up and sure enough, it’s my ball with 3 blue dots on it!

Wow, here it is!

Um, did I mention it was very windy??  Normally, I need to hit 3Hy for 200-205 but with this wind, I thought I’d just hit my 175Y 5iron and with the flag on the front right of the green, and I might be chipping on my 3rd shot.  I aimed for the right edge of the green hit a solid high 5i and the wind carried it back from right to left and I thought it might have been a little short.

We run up and it was 6 feet left of the pin with a left to right uphill putt left.  The guys behind our group was already hitting into us so without thinking too much, I lined up and it rolled exactly as I imagined for the eagle!!

Oh Yes!!!

Front 9 Scorecard

This round was particularly satisfying for a few reasons.  I’ve been really struggling with my irons as of late.  Lots of push shots and lost distances and having real trouble breaking 90 in August- slowly working my way up from low 90s up to mid 90s and finally, up past 100!  Last week, I ran into my golfing buddy on the range and he says “You’re opening up the clubface and really trying to help it into the air.”  So I spent the week working on keeping my right arm “higher” than my left on the take-away to keep the face more square and also trying to hit more down and taking a divot in front of the ball.  My first round out after trying to implement these changes resulted in my worst round of the year with a score of 102.  However, after a few more buckets of practice, I managed to ingrain it with less doubt and can hit a much more manage-able straight or draw that takes the right side right out of play.  Although I had more problems with putting on the back 9, I finally manage to get myself into the 80s again and hopefully I can ride the rest of the season out with this swing thought.

Hope you had a great long weekend of golf like I did!



My First Eagle (August 2013)

It took me awhile to get my first eagle ever.  This happened last August and I’ve been meaning to record it.  I was playing alone at our local muni- a beautiful but shorter, easier course in the heart of the city and holed out from the rough!  It was pure fluke but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

My approach shot from 87 yards out in the left rough.

I saw the ball land on the green and then disappeared on me before hearing it hit the pin. Ran up to the green and oh yes, there it is!

Oh wow, what a way to start off my round! Minus 2 sure felt good for a couple of holes before we moved back into familiar, comfortable, “plus” territory again.