Ways to Break 90

(Back to the 80s)

I honestly don’t really remember breaking 100- it sort of just happened without any fanfare and without very tight scorekeeping at the time (very fast and loose with the gimmes when we were beginning).  However, I remember all the details about the day I finally broke 90- that’s when I really started to consider maybe I should try to get better at this game and thinking things are starting to come together.  Unfortunately, it took me awhile again to get back into the 80s and as of last season, I can get under 90 when “everything is on”.  One of my main goals for taking lessons this winter was to try to have more rounds consistently under 90 than above.

As you saw in a previous post, I opened this season pretty much how I ended last season (low-mid 90s) with a round of 95 at one of the easier munis in town.

However, I’ve managed to return the 80s on my next two rounds so far!  I got there in two very different ways and though it’d be worthwhile to dissect how it happened as two separate scenarios with everyone, especially to anyone about to break this mental barrier yourself.

Method One:  Rely on your Short Game

First up was my second round of the year at a shorter course: Eagle Rock Golf Club.  I used to always have problems because the opening hole is a tricky dogleg left par 5.

It felt like Winter still…

However, this was a cold day- it felt more like winter really so I took care to purposely swing slower than usual to protect my back.  I pulled my opening drive way left, where it would’ve normally be blocked in the forest- but today,  it made it through the bare branches and landed me 222y out.

Taking a greedy shorter shortcut (by accident)

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Golf the Rock $59 for 2 Players

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 Man, I hate the opening hole at Eagle Rock Golf Course – east facing a big dog-leg left par 5 means hitting into the sun and um, maybe losing your ball depending on how aggressive you get with the opening shot.  We usually play this early or late in the season and the fairways can get pretty hard and runs pretty fast.

Regardless, you can play 18 holes with cart for under $30/pp!  Definitely worth the price if you can get out on a weekday to play!  (Always read the fine print, Mon to Fri only)