5 Stages of Golf


There is a funny and very relate-able comment in this thread on golfwrx titled “What stages has your golf game gone through?” where Sean2 says:

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. No wait...those are the five stages of grief

Looking back through out my years, I see there are bits of truth in this…Let’s dive in…

Stage 1: Denial

Non-golfers going to the driving range for the first time can relate.  I still remember the first time a friend said “let’s go hit some balls” (instead of studying for University final exams).  The only thing I knew about golf was some guy named Tiger is famous and it’s an absolute bore to watch on TV when “real” sports like hockey or football are also available.

Plus, how hard could it be to whack a ball with a stick?

Child’s play, right?

We show up at the range needing to rent clubs, I asked for left handed clubs (being Canadian, and playing street hockey as a kid as a lefty… plus, how hard could this game be?).  First try- whiff.  Second try- whiff again.  Man, is ever humbling.  Let’s try right handed instead.

Loud Clang!

Loud Clang!

Oh, much better- startling every around me while the ball ricochets off a middle divider.  (Oh, that’s why there’s dividers…)

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