Cold Autumn Golf


It started out as a wet, cold, and chilly front 9 but then the skies cleared up and we had a wonderfully quiet and peaceful round on Thanksgiving Monday at the Broadmoor Golf Course.


You can see we’re losing most of our leaves in Northern Alberta already – here’s hoping we get a couple more rounds in next weekend before our Canadian golf season is over.


5 thoughts on “Cold Autumn Golf

  1. I’m also hoping for another round or two before the snow flies! Fingers crossed for some good weather 🙂 Just a heads up, and I’m not sure if it is just on my computer, but your pictures don’t seem to load for me.


    • Thanks for the heads up, Josh! There seems to be a problem with Google Photos this morning. It’s looking good for this weekend so I’m hopeful for a least a two more rounds before moving things indoors.

      Do you have similar plans this winter to that amazing extended golf adventure from last winter??

    • Thanks, Jim! I had a rather slow start to the year but have finally worked my game back to reasonable form and am quite happy with it these days. Seems like you had a wonderful season as well.

      Also, that four letter ‘s’ word shall not be spoken quite just yet! 🙂

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