Lesson 3 – Setup

This is part three of a seven part series documenting my Winter lessons as a bogey golfer trying to improve.  You can read the Intro here: Winter Lessons Series

Lesson Date: Feb 22, 2014

Quick Recap

In Lesson 2, we worked on a better takeaway to avoid getting into a stuck position on the way down.  Today, we’re going to just refine it a little bit.


After  a week of practice, Rob sees that my takeaway is a little too outside now and we continued to make small adjustments to my set up today.  He continued to analyze my swing and give me suggestions, mostly on my setup.

I often hit towards the toe of the clubface and he shifted me to be a hair closer to the ball.  I can really feel the difference between an off-center face contact and one that catches the sweet spot.

I tend to set up a bit open to my target.  So he offered a few thoughts for me to try.  Have my left arm higher than my right, and have that right elbow less rigid, slightly bent and tucked against my body.  And then try to keep the arms connected to the ribcage throughout the swing.

Finally, along with the tension comes a pretty firm grip.  After seeing some pushes, he asked me to loosen my grip abit and see if it helps.  There’s definitely a bit of a sweetspot in terms of holding it loose enough not to have tensions in the elbows, but holding it firm enough to have enough face control on the club.


Sometimes, it’s one thing to hear and “know” what you’re supposed to do.  But it’s a totally different thing to be able to actually do it.  I don’t really think I truly “got” what it’s supposed to feel like to have less tension and to have the arms more connected to the chest until I started working with the Faldo Preset Drill just recently (into the summer months now).

Looking back, I can finally connect the feeling of less tension and more connected arms very clearly with everything Rob was trying to get me to do over the winter months.

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