The Point at Copper Point

Day 3, we played the other Copper Point course simply named The Point.  The experience is consistent as yesterday- again the course is in great shape with fast rolling greens.  I particularly liked how the fairways are mowed- dark on the left side and light on the right.  We had no problems with eye-balling where to land our tee ball should go when the middle of the fairway is lined up all the way from tee to green.  We were paired with some locals who were big hitters and I’m just blown away by the zip and compression of their shots off the club face.  Oh, stay away from the heavily sloped practice green near the first tee box.  The tilt you see in the picture below is real- balls dropped from the left will eventually roll off the green all the way on the right.  Thankfully, the course is more forgiving and there weren’t any greens to that extreme.  Overall, it was another successful and enjoyable round at Copper Point.

Okay, the slope is a little bit much on this mountain side practice green.

Excellent par 4 to kick things off

Great looking hole

Oh, and some wildlife chillin’ relaxin’ outside our aptly named “Bighorn Meadows Resort”


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