I’ve learned early on to never be too complacent about your swing or show any signs of disrespect to this game of golf.

Last season, iron play was a real strength in my game.  I felt confident and was not afraid to attack the ball at 80-90% knowing that I will make close to center contact and get decent results.  Consequently, my backswing was well controlled and I never try to overextend knowing that I have all the distance I need with a short, compact swing.

Oh, how quickly things can change!  So far this season, I’ve been able to maintain reasonable scores relying solely on straight (but shorter) drives and a half decent chipping game.  I haven’t been able to hit solid irons much.  Well, last Friday, not only did my irons play continue to get worse, I also lost my drive and started delivering massive OB slices that I haven’t seen in my game for awhile now.  The result was losing a bakers dozen balls in one single round.

It all started after I watched myself on video a couple of weeks ago:

Immediately, I saw:

  • A straight right leg and reverse tilt to the target side at the top that I didn’t realize before;
  • My arms and hands are playing catch up behind me still, giving me a bit of a flip at the bottom.

Those things, along with some serious distance lost (my 8i is my 135y club right now vs 150y last season) caused me to start looking at changing things.

Reverse tilt- I started to work on getting my chest more over my right hip with some mixed success.  By keeping my right knee flexed, I can feel alot more tension in the torso and right hip at the top of the swing.

Flip- I worked on keeping my right elbow closer to my body and try on keeping it bent longer into the downswing.  This is something I can do without a ball in front of me but put a ball in play and it all disappear again.

What Next?

This entry is really just to remind myself to go out and just play golf instead of trying to hit all these positions on video.  I know I do have to work on these things but maybe just not mid-season.  It’s better to just play with what I’ve got for now and then try to introduce changes in the off season.

In the meantime, I’ve been hitting the range just to hit balls.  I’ve had mixed success going back to my native swing and started to see some stronger ball flight again as I gain more confidence making solid, centered contact.  I’ve been using my optishot simulator and figured out a slower, more controlled take away gives me a way to up the measured swing speed from 70 mph to 78-80 mph which is much closer to what was going on last year.

Funny- the only difference between the slower swing and the faster, smoother swing?  Trying to go fast (but end up steering the swing) versus knowing I have it in me, and trusting myself to just take it easy.

ps. In case you’re wondering, I used a Casio Ex-FC100 camera at 210FPS.  It’s a compact little camera that’s capable of taking videos up to 1000FPS but at lower resolutions.  It’s a couple years old so I’m sure there are other camera options out there today.

3 thoughts on “Struggling!

  1. Hey Crunch,

    In one of your blogs you made a sketch of your grip. I also saw the same thing in one of your pictures. You might try looking at your grip. The right thumb should not be resting on top of the shaft at address. It should be resting on the left side of the shaft. The right hand should be like holding a pistol, not as if flipping burgers. When the right thumb is on top of the shaft, there is a slight delay in pronating, and the clubface usually contacts the ball open, the pronation comes too late, actually contributing to the slice.

    Try resting the right thumb on the left side of the shaft, instead of on top. Also, when you’re tense, when it’s resting on top of the shaft, you tend to exert too much pressure with the thumb on the shaft. Having the right thumb resting on the left side of the shaft will feel weird at first, but it might cure your slice.

    I actually had the same slicey swing as you, from the grip, to the backswing, but I kinda fixed them all, hence my new swing change.

    I hope this helps.

    You have very nice views of your courses. Lucky you. I haven’t been playing for a couple of weeks due to work.

    The Overswinger

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