Spikeless Golf Shoes

For a smaller guy, I’m quite heavy footed and you can definitely hear me coming from a little way away.  (Subtle and silent isn’t part of my repertoire).  Not surprisingly, I go through shoes very quickly and golf shoes are no exception.

Last year, I bought a pair of Adidas golf Adicross spikeless and just loved them.  In fact, I don’t think I’ll go back spiked shoes again.

1. Traction and Performance

Instead of traditional soft spikes, the sole is just a bunch of (non-replace-able) nubs designed to clear debris and provide traction.  At first, I was quite concerned about morning dew and playing in wet conditions but they’ve actually held out better than I expected.  After playing 30+ rounds last season, I’ll say they held up really well.

In dry weather, you won’t even notice.  It does its job and quietly stays out of the way.

In wet weather, admittedly, they are not as stable as traditional shoes, but I’ve never really slipped because of bad footing.  I have slipped from overswinging but that likely would’ve occurred with spiked shoes anyway.

I found the shoes provide less support than traditional golf shoes.  There’s alot of flex and give so if you roll onto your front ankle in your follow through like me, you might wear it out much quicker.  See the rips on the left shoe at the front of the laces?

My retired and worned out Adicross

2. Style

I really love the looks of these shoes.  They look like casual runners and looks great with golf pants or shorts.  They are also quite low profile so no one will really notice you’re wearing golf shoes around town if you are off the course.

3. Comfort & Convenience

The best part is this point.  The shoes are much lighter, less bulky and feels just like wearing casual sneakers.  I prefer to walk when playing so you can tell pretty quickly if the pair of shoes are comfortable or not by how little you notice your feet on the 18th hole or how much your feet are hating you by then.

Also, you can drive in spikeless shoes.  No more changing in the parking lot anymore and it’s a great convenience to put them run, hit up the neighbourhood driving range, and run a few errands without fumbling with another pair while you’re out.

Asics Matchplay

With my Adidas pair falling apart (it had served me well last season), I looked for another pair.  I loved the looks of these Asics Matchplay and they seem to be constructed with more support and less side to side give.

Asics Matchplay

Unfortunately, they rub on my heel alot, enough to cause bleeding and blisters.  The first round I played in these, I had to take them off after 7 holes.  I kind of slipped back into them to hit a shot and took them off again until we played through 9 and back to the club house- then I ran to the parking lot and changed back into my street shoes for the back nine.  (Yes, it was that painful!)

I still have them in like new conditions- maybe I’ll have to try some internet tricks to soften up the heels and use them for indoor golf later on.

Ecco Biom Hybrid

I found some new Ecco Biom Hybrids at a good discounted price this weekend.  I’ve had my eyes on these for a long time!

New Ecco Biom Hybrids

I haven’t had a chance to play in them and might do another report after a few rounds.  My first impressions are they are super comfortable, there seems to be extra cushioning in the heel and added arch support.

The Ecco shoes seems to at least 1/2 size larger than they indicate.  These shoes are wider than the Adidas-es and barely any shorter.  But whereas my Adicross were a very tight fit size 8, these are a comfy size 40 (the box says 6.5 UK, so they should be 7.5 US).

It seems like some local courses are finally opening up this week.  I can’t wait to head out and play again, especially with shiny new gear in tow! (toe?)

By the way, what do people do with their old golf shoes?  I’m starting to have a small stockpile in my closet!




One thought on “Spikeless Golf Shoes

  1. I try to keep old cleats and golf spikes through one season of overseeding the lawn, just to help break up any tough patches. After that, mine are usually so beaten up they either become dog chewtoys or find their way to the local landfill, or both.

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