Winter Lessons Series

Winter Coaching Package

Seems like every one of my posts this week has the word “Winter” attached to it somehow!

I bought a package of 8 x 30 min lessons from a local pro.  He has a great setup with multi-cameras, V1 golf and flightscope.  There’s nowhere to hide from your flaws with the multiple angle videos all supported by radar driven numbers.

Lesson Goals

As you’d expect from a good coach, Rob took a look at my warm up and then asked me what my goals are.  I thought about this and honestly, there are just so many issues with my game that I’d like to improve on that I didn’t know where to begin besides giving out the most generic unquantifiable answer possible: to be more consistent.

He had a perfect response for me:

Well, even Tiger Woods wants to be more consistent.

Haha, yes, I see that.  So I dug deep into the most painful part of the game affecting my confidence- the dreadful 2 way miss.  There are days where I have no idea where to aim and just aimlessly aim down the middle and hope for the best.  I tend to go for the right half of the green- and when playing great, I can draw it back to the middle nicely.  But when I have an off day, it’s really off.  Lefts are way left- off the green or smothered into the ground.  Rights are way right, a push slice that leads into the bushes or another fairway.

So which way do you prefer to miss?    – Coach Rob

As a natural slicer, I couldn’t be more happy when shots started moving right to left.  But just not THAT left.  Honestly, after experiencing what it’s like to hit balls so left, I’d give anything to play with a consistent right side fade again.

Don’t be a Hooker!

With a slice, I might have to deal with water on the right or chip out sideways from the trees.  For whatever reason, lost balls seem a lot more common, and drives way OB and super un-recoverable shots happens often on the left hand side.  I think courses are generally designed for the majority of the slicers.  This shows up as hazards and bunkers on the right but there seems to be more room and run off or another fairway on the right in general.  I do wonder what it’s like for a left handed slicer?

Ignore my putting for now and check out this brutal nine holes and the 7 penalty strokes from a super-hookey 2013 round.  I think I lost 3 sleeves but honestly, I started counting to see if I had enough balls to finish the round instead of how many were lost by then.

Here's what a hook can do to your self confidence!

Here’s what a hook can do to your self confidence!

Okay, to sum up: My prefer miss would be to the right.

Scoring Goals

I also told Rob that I can get into the high 80s, fairly comfortable in the low 90s but can blow up like the above score card any moment.  I’d like to take a few more strokes off so can I stay comfortable in the 80s as oppose to low 90s.  He thinks my swing is solid enough and is surprised I’m not there already so of course, that means we’ll have to take a look at the short game as well.

Lessons Outline

We worked on quite a few things in a short 9 weeks.  Initially, I was feeling overwhelmed, like this is going to destroy what I already have and I’m rebuilding anew but as weeks went on, I found that the changes are happening slowly but surely and the confidence started to come back as we went on.

Here’s an outline for future posts (I’ll come back and update these links as they are posted).

  1. The Flippopotamus
  2. Let’s (Not) Get Stuck
  3. Setup Adjustments
  4. Connected Putting
  5. Crazy face (Driver)
  6. High to Low versus Low to High (Chipping)

I’m looking forward to jotting these things down and then coming back to review them this upcoming season to see if these thoughts are sinking in and making an impact to the overall game.



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