Greywolf Golf Course, Panorama BC

We are finally starting to thaw out from the winter blues and I’m starting to think about our annual mountain golf trip.  There are a lot of great golf in the interior BC and one of the most memorable was a couple years ago when we played the Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama, BC.

Greywolf Golf Course Website

Check out the spectacular opening hole:

Ho-hum- My wife with another casual drive down the middle of the fairway.

High Altitude

First thing we noticed was the thinner air.  For those of us not used to it, even hiking up a few steps to get on the tee box is quite a bit of work.  It’s quite unsettling to have your heart pounding because you walked 35 steps from your cart as oppose to having first tee jitters for once.

Second, Panorama is a popular ski village in the winter but the high altitude means that there were still some snow leftover late May and early June.  Dress warmly!

Finally, the ball definitely will fly further.  There were frost warnings throughout the week but the balls seems to travel further.  It was difficult to be sure because there were so much elevation changes.

Mountain Setting

Speaking of elevation changes- you could be hitting up to a green that’s 40 feet above or going straight downhill to a hole where the ball flies forever.  There really weren’t many holes alike- lots of great variety.

The other part of mountain golf is the lush green mountain background- it frames your shot perfectly and a tiny white golf ball really really stands out against the dark backdrop.  It’s very difficult to lose a ball unless you hit it OB off the mountain or in some water hazard.

No. 6 Cliffhanger

Greywolf’s famous hole is the No.6 aptly named the Cliffhanger.  I was physically too afraid to look over the mountain edge!  (wife thinks I’m a clutz already and I have a weak stomach for heights)  The tee boxes sit on one part of the mountain, with the green placed opposite a deep valley on a “vertical cliff”, like so:

Cliffhanger yardage book


Here’s a shot we took on our visit (I guess play slows down big time around this hole from all the visitors):

Hole No. 6 from Spring 2012


Luckily, my wife also happened to have recorded one of my most memorable shots, I think it was a 4 hybrid from 175 yards at the time.   Confessional: I was really aiming for the middle of the green over the bunkers but somehow pulled it right at the flag- I’ll take it without any complaints.  I think my legs got weaker when I got to the other side on the green (um, where are the railings?) and ended up 3 putting but that explains why my plan was to focus on putting to improve in a previous post.

There are so many great courses in the Rocky Mountains and Kootenay area that we haven’t been able to go back but if you’re ever nearby, I highly recommend you try it at least once, and capture one more great shot for your memory bank.  I guess I’m still reliving mine today.



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