What type of Golfer are you?

Golfplan - Take the Golfplan quiz to reveal your golf identity
What type of golfer are you? Take a trip from tee to clubhouse with this quiz from the team at http://www.golfplan.co.uk/ and reveal your true golfing identity. Tee off the quiz here.

I think most of us would be happy if we don’t end up being the much heckled  Kevin Na type .  In the meantime, here are my results.  I do line up all my putts with a line so maybe the quiz is overly accurate!

Quiz Results

Quiz Results

One thought on “What type of Golfer are you?

  1. The COA (Centre Of Attention)
    If there’s a celebration or a chance for a group of you to get together on the course then you’re there. Golf is very much a bit of fun for you. You can play a bit but it’s the taking part that counts for you. It’s all about having a laugh and having a few drinks afterwards. Disclaimer
    Playing golf will cost you more than you bargained for, especially after buying new gear and replacing the broken window in the club house.

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